Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So tomorrow is payday, finally have an actual income again. I gotta say though for huge evil conglomerate devil worshiping soul eaters, the new job isn't late with the paychecks.

My pay is registering as in my account as of now, which means they're quicker on the draw than the old job was... their computer system didn't stuff the money into my account until eleven thirty at night, and here it is not even ten thirty and I have money.

It's a huge relief to be productive again, I hadn't realized how much stress the lack of pay from the old job had given me, between the broken rib and the boss dicking around with me, until I saw that number in my account and felt a bunch of muscles just let go.

Of course, tomorrow I get to spend a good chunk of it, between getting tires on my car (again, already, this is not happy and I'm sort of hoping I can manage to shove at least part of the cost up corporate ass cause I put those tires on three months ago) and getting another set of stuff for Farmdog.

See, we can't have pets in this apartment. Not having my puppies has been driving me batshit. However, one of DM's smithing buddies thinks he might want a dog but hasn't ever had anything but family dogs. So, he's gonna keep Farmdog for a few months as a practice dog.... get an idea without the commitment of a puppy. She'll be in a nice place nearby where I can see her every day, and I trust him to take good care of her when I'm not around.

It's not perfect, and it's only one dog, but it might just hold me until January when we'll have a chance to get into another place.


Old NFO said...

Good news all around, well, other than the tires... Didn't they do an alignment when they put the new tires on?

Kristopher said...

That costs extra in most shops.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Tires worn already? You must be wearing out Hwy. 287.

TOTWTYTR said...

Tires in three months? There is definitely something wrong with that and like OldNFO I'm thinking along the lines of alignment.

They should have mentioned that when you got the tires and yes it generally costs extra, but it's relatively cheap insurance.

The other possibility that comes to mind is that the car was in an accident at some point and had unrepaired frame damage. I don't even want think about that.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you got a job, even if it's with the E.C.G.! I only get interviews, if that. Must be the hair.

Anyway, good luck getting your new place & with the tires. I've been down that road quite often & it can be a pain in the pocketbook. @TOTWTYTR: You speak the truth. I did have frame damage on an old car & went through tires like Jennifer Lopez goes through husbands.

Ulises from CA