Wednesday, March 30, 2011

War Machine Fundraiser

AEPilotJim has decided that the next incarnation of the Crown Vic needs to be a Blogorado War Machine. Since I'm having to replace the car I bought last month I can't afford to just keep it and turn it into said war machine if I can get money out of it.

So, he's started the Great War Machine Fundraiser. Details here.

It's either going to get the top chopped off and the interior hosed out and become the war machine (with any modifications beyond that being on the Blogorado crew) or it's gonna get taken as is to my car guy.

At this point I don't really care where the car ends up, but JimJim and the Blogorado crew are all hyped about the idea of a war machine, so if you're hyped about it too, have at it.

Edit: Due to logistical difficulties (I.E. JimJim is in bloody Africa) the fundraiser money is apparently just going into my tip jar. Put "war machine" in the note on the donation, if you decide to contribute.


Joshua said...

I can't help but at first get images from the Punisher movie.. though the post-apoc images were pretty good too (I guess I was thinking of the roll-down steel over the windshield.. in case the elk has any friends looking for revenge!)

Old NFO said...

Dumped a C-note in, no option to leave a comment, but it's there for the war wagon! :-)

Farm.Dad said...

buying extra sawzall blades in denver where i can get them " cheap " lol

Anonymous said...

Is this just gonna become a fun times ranch wagon {slash} oversize ATV? Ya'll can move cattle with it for S&G's.

Roll cage (with HEAVY GAUGE mesh for anti critter entry device) and "roo bars" on the front to knock any takers to the ground!

If I were closer I would donate some labor to the cause.