Monday, March 7, 2011

Something is Fishy

This weekend I added to the Farm Fam roster of pets yet again. This one is less of the fuzzy cuddly variety, however.

Meet Bartholomew Betta, AKA Bart. He's a gorgeous little thing with the personality of a... well.... fish.

Note: pictures were taken with the camera on my new iPhone. It's not easy to get a fabulous pic with it but it is possible.


Old NFO said...

I'm not EVEN gonna ask... :-)

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the new addition. Fish have a funny way of wriggling their way into your life.

FarmGirl said...

NFO- I just decided I wanted a Betta. It's partly for me to watch after work to relax since drinking heavily for that purpose is rather frowned upon. And, it's partly because he is pretty and I like pretty things.

Old NFO said...

True, but it's not purple :-D

Jon said...

Fighting fish make good pets. Eventually, he'll learn you are his source of food and will try to get your attention at feeding time.

The native habitat of the fish is stagnant water without enough oxygen, so forgetting a water change won't spell doom; he can breathe air from the surface.

mustanger said...

My Daddy said they had 'em when he was a kid. You can't put 'em in a tank with non-aggresive types. And you sure can't put 'em in with another male Betta... they'll fight till they kill each other. Daddy said they'd put a mirror in the tank and that Betta'd fight his own reflection as long as it stayed there.

I always liked the idea of putting them in a smaller aquarium rather than the little glass bulbs, but that's just me.