Friday, November 19, 2010

Ammo Crisis Over?

Last year I paid thirty five bucks for a box of .380, and I was glad to find it. Now it's more available and cheaper, with places like Sportsman's Guide offering 380 auto ammo* for around half of what I paid last year.

So, is it over? Are we through the crisis or just in the eye of the storm?

*Sportsman's Guide gave me money for the link, but come on, they've got .380 in stock! That's worth a mention right there.


DaddyBear said...

I hope it's over. I'm teaching my daughter to shoot, and she can go through a lot of .22LR in a session. And it's only going to get more expensive when I move her up to centerfire rifles and shotguns.

Ruth said...

Sportsmans Guide rocks

Old NFO said...

Maybe... But the cost of lead and copper is still up, so I don't see us getting back to the 'cheap' prices of 2005-6

mustanger said...

The cheapest I'm seeing .380ACP around my part of the country is $19.99/50rds.

My experience... and this was several years ago... with Sportsman's Guide was a high shipping charge offset the savings. I wonder if they've changed their way of shipping. I know lately MidwayUSA started telling me "it looks like the cheapest way to ship this is..." and one time it came in a USPS flat rate box.

TOTWTYTR said...

The shortage of .380 seems to be over, but I'm still finding it hard to find .38 caliber ammo.

I think one of the local Walmarts has .380 for about $17.00/box. Which still isn't cheap, but at least it's available.

Ahh for the days of $6.98 9mm from Dicks Sporting Goods. Dirty as all hell, but it was a cheap way to toss lead down range.

Not only is the cost of lead and copper up, but of course the value of the dollar is down.