Friday, October 23, 2009

Hooray For The First Amendment!

It seems that President Obama's people (of not the big O himself) attempted to bar Fox News from an interview with the Pay Czar, Mr. Feinberg, while allowing the rest of the White House Press Pool.

This attempt backfired when the Main Stream Media system finally woke up to the fact that hey, they're trying to mess with freedom of the press!

All of the networks that were "invited" so to speak, refused to conduct an interview if Fox wasn't allowed the same chance.

So, although I never expected to say this, I'll give kudos to the MSM for seeing the right thing and doing it.

Article here and here.

(HT to Breda for the second link)


mustanger said...

I noticed Glenn Beck was talking about this on his show today. He said it surprised him. Those networks have spent the last while playing Obama's game... now they stand up because any attack on the 1st Amendment effects them. Glenn was talking about the alternative... he mentioned gov't run tv, which to me sounds like Pravda.

Anonymous said...

mustanger, I think it also sounds like Pravda to the MSM which is why they backed FOX

mustanger said...

farmist, I think you're right.