Friday, May 22, 2009

Really Now,

This is getting a bit ridiculous. A while back I posted about a little old lady that had been locked out of her house, and my disgust that so many people drove by without offering to help.

Today, I got another example of the tone our society has taken, right here at home.

This morning I was on my way to the Next Minuscule Town Over, when I saw a car on the side of the road. Nobody was in the car, so I figured they'd gotten a ride. That is, until I saw someone walking on the side of the road.

Now, out here, we've got several people who like to take walks, and the shoulder of the highway is a popular path, so I wasn't sure that it wasn't just someone out for a walk until I got even with them and realized that the person was walking with some difficulty and using a cane.

It was an older lady (about Mamaw's age, and she swears she's older than dirt) who had had a flat. She's from here in the county, and had left her cell phone at home on the charger, so she borrowed mine to call AAA.

This woman, (I found out a bit later) is scheduled for hip replacement surgery in the near future, and she had walked almost a quarter of a mile, slowly, from her bright red, sitting on the side of the road empty vehicle, with no one stopping. I know four cars passed by her while I was in sight but before I got to her.

In this day and age I can understand being cautious about picking up a large man or someone who might actually be able to... ya know... hurt someone.

But a sweet lady with personalized gramma license plates and a cane? Come on, people, that's just callous, and wrong.

It pains me to see such things here where I've always thought that the tradition of being neighborly, no matter how distant the neighbor, held true.

So, if any of you people are from my county, shape up! We're supposed to be the backbone of America, the simple, helpful, small town kind of folks, and we're getting farther away from that every year. I don't want pride in the community I live in to be a memory, I want it to be an active, growing thing.

And I by gawd don't want to read in the local paper about a little old lady that got run over on the highway because she had to walk to get help when she had a flat tire.


Old NFO said...

It's the new PC world FG- They don't give a crap about the elderly... AND they're too damn busy and important to actually stop and help! Thank you for being you and doing the right thing!!!

OrangeNeckInNY said...

Every time I make a comment to my police officer friend about some jackass weaving in and out of traffic, giving less than two shits about anyone else on the road and trying to get ahead of everyone else, my friend says to me, "That's because THEIR time is more important than yours."

Then there are those assholes that never slow down in a school zone, but actually speed up to go around me. Hell, I don't go exactly the speed limit in a school zone, myself, but at least I have the decency to slow down to within 5 mph of it. These assholes blow through the school zone at 20 mph above what's posted.

I've always stopped and helped people in real need. Once I helped a woman push her stalled car off the main road onto a side street, while everyone else didn't even have the common courtesy of stopping so we can get across 3 lanes of traffic to do it. It's hard to push a car with one hand while holding up the other one behind you to tell those fuckers to stop.

Then there's special assholes like the Brad Paisley character that did this: What the hell kind of human being does this sort of thing???

I swear I hate people sometimes. Fortunately, you're not among them. You did a great thing and God will smile upon you.

Texas Ghostrider said...

Yes the country has lost it's moral compass.... People if you don't stop, at least use your cell phone to call 911, after all it is a free call......

I work in a big city and live in a small town. Once everyone used to wave when passing each other now, the county I am in is growing so much no one waves......

Christina LMT said...

That's horrible, FarmGirl! So good of you to stop and help, though. One of my neighbors is very pregnant, and I helped her carry her (heavy) groceries in one day. You'd have thought I just handed her the keys to a new car, the way she was acting! And she told me her husband was sleeping, and she didn't want to wake him up to help her. Hello? He helped get her in that condition, why would he mind helping her with some heavy lifting? But I digress, sorry.
I see the decline of our society in many small things. Lack of smiles and greetings, parents not insisting on courtesy and manners in their children, nobody holding doors open for others anymore. It's just sad. Everyone is in his/her own little bubble now, and fuck everyone else.