Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Beeyutiful Day

Today I'm being lazy, by my standards for this time of year.

I got my herbs planted (although I need to come up with some Cilantro as we seem to have missed that staple when gathering seeds) and watered and in the sun to germinate, excepting the Italian Basil which came as a plant. Surprised me, but it's transplanted and watered and in the sun.

Now, I'm parked on the porch with the laptop and a TV tray listening to the birds twitter, working on Jane, and watching the dogs maul the smoky ribeye bones that I got them to chew in the yard.

I'll probably go inside when it gets dark, or they tell me there's food, whichever happens first.


Old NFO said...

Cilantro- yech... Over used and lousy tasting... It's a cheapo way to spice up lousy mexican food!

Farmgirl said...

I like cilantro in my pico de gallo!

I don't, however, smother the other flavors in it.