Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ah Plans, How They Change

Well, we didn't get to the sale yesterday. Went to get the trailer and discovered that at some point, somehow, the rim on the front driver's side tire had gotten bent. We discovered this because the tire was flat, and when we aired it up, past a certain pressure the bead on the back broke loose to release some of the air. So, we hauled it into town to get the tire fixed.

When they took it off, they discovered the badly bent rim, on the inside. So, we ordered another one, which will be in around noon today, and they'll replace it.

So, we'll haul the cattle to the other sale barn on Friday, instead.

Plus, I got invited to a poker game on Thursday night, where I'll be the token female, I'm quite sure, but for five bucks an evening of bsing and playing cards is a good deal.

But, I got my presentation written for class today, which is a good thing, I just have to gather up all the bits I'll be talking about, and I'm ready.

And, not being gone all day yesterday gave me some time to clean up Grandpa's saddle, which I'm still working on conditioning. A post on before and after pics, and a little more explanation on my method of conditioning leather, is upcoming.

Also upcoming, for those of my readers who are gun people but not horse people, is a post on caring for your leather holsters and carry belts. If I can come up with some good examples, I'll post pictures on that, too.


Old NFO said...

Sorry things didn't go well, but maybe better luck at the next sale! I'm curious on the conditioning :-)

Crucis said...

Me too. I have a number of custom made IWB holsters and the maker has said to not use any of the commercial cleaners, conditioners since it will ruin the boning and shape of the holsters. All of the holsters are hand-boned to fit my pistols.

This holster maker has a very quick turn-around and was able to make a holster for the Kahr .45 when I bought one of the first sold in KC.

I'll be waiting for the write-up.

mustanger said...

How'd the poker game go?

You may recall me saying I make holsters... mostly western types for my own use, though I've sold a few too. When I make one, I wet-mold it, but I don't bone it... just never cared for that look. I usually just oil it with neatsfoot and let it dry some before I put the gun back it. I'll be interested to know you're take on it.