Saturday, March 28, 2009


It's a four letter word around our place, but in this case we need the moisture enough to overlook the icky coldness of it.

Especially since it obliged us quite well by most of it vanishing in the course of the day.

I won't hazard a guess at how much snow the Old Homestead got... it was everywhere from half an inch of bare ice to four foot drifts, and that was just on the front porch.

One news service ventured an estimate at 21 inches. Looking out the window now, we might have that much where the front end loaders piled it up.

Gotta love a fast turnaround!


Old NFO said...

Better y'all than me! Don't bust your butt on the ice!

Rev. Paul said...

As you noted, it could have been worse. We've had snow on the ground since mid-November, and now we have volcanic ash on top of that!

Ain't life grand?

Crucis said...

The south side of KC got 7" of snow Saturday and Saturday night on top of 1" of ice. Started freezing rain around 10AM and then turned to snow in the afternoon. By Sunday afternoon, it had mostly melted off and the streets were dry enough for me to make a Border's run.

The local creeks are over their banks and there is some minor flooding, but not up to Fargo's level.