Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And Now, For Something Completely Different....

Tactical Dating

If you carry concealed you pick up certain habits, no matter who you are.... or at least you should.

Things like making sure your cover garment hasn't ridden up, a casual tug on the hem as you climb out of a car. Or maybe a rolling shrug to settle your shoulder holster a little better.

One of my personal biggest things, is making sure that my draw isn't blocked. I don't lean against doorways on my right shoulder, I'll angle my left side towards what I'm looking at, or I'll simply stand a couple paces further back so that I'm not hemmed in with people.

It's not something I think about, unless I get in a situation where I can't keep my draw from being blocked. Crowded elevators, things like that... but in the dating world, it can become an issue.

Guys, whether you carry or not, if you're on a date with a girl who does, be conscious of your lady's requirements. The most annoying thing I've ever had happen on a date isn't him blowing his nose on the table cloth or trying to grab my ass on the way into the movie theater.

It's a man who carries himself consistently interfering with my draw arm. Hovering on my right side, trying to hold my right hand, trying to put his arm around my waist... I carry SOB so arm around the waist has to be in a pretty specific position before I can draw smoothly.

Come on, guys, you know better than that. How would you like it if the girl you were dating constantly hung on your gun hand in public in spite of your asking her not to?

If you're both right handed, it's not a total loss, your right hand in the small of her back or under her elbow is a gallant way to guide her through a doorway or give physical flirting, without having to compromise your draw or hers, as long as your hand isn't on her gun.

A steady who carries will gladly practice with you if you simply must put your arm around her waist. Discuss with her which way will work better, and one of you simply take one or two steps forward or backward, if the fecal matter collides with the oscillating rotating air circulation device. Stepping to the side is acceptable as well, but in my experience people are far more coordinated stepping back than stepping to the side. You and your sweetheart make the choice on what works best for you.

Hell, do drills while you're out. Pick a trigger word, and when either of you say the trigger word, you jump apart. If you want to do full drill, you might want to pick a secluded area to take a stroll in, so that you don't frighten unsuspecting passers by.

But remember, a gentleman is always aware of his date's draw clearance.

And while I'm at it, guys, we need to work out some arrangement about who gets the seat facing the door. I've learned not to argue about it for the most part, and how to position myself so that I can at least see in the peripheral, but it still gives me the creepy crawlies.....


Tim D said...

The sitting with the back to the door question is easy. If its necessary he should be the one facing away from the door, if he cares he will take the bullet for the person he loves. Also due to his larger size he will provide visual cover for you to be able to produce your weapon.

Crucis said...

Heh! My wife (who doesn't carry yet) always tries to grab the seat facing the door or open spaces when we're out. She doesn't seem to understand why I'm constantly asking her to switch.

Tried seating side-by-side, but in many instances, that just doesn't work well.

As a personal oddity, I eat and do several things left-handed although I'm most right handed. Came in handy one time when I thought some guys had some illegal acts in mind at one restaurant. I drew and kept my hand under the table while still eating with the other. No one knew and the situation fizzled out.

Old NFO said...

Heh- I won't sit in a restaurant or bar UNLESS I can see the door... too many bad memories...

Anonymous said...

Never dated a girl who carried. I do, and discreetly make sure my gun hand is always free. None have ever noticed this. Have to keep your advice in mind should I ever date someone who does.

Anonymous said...

Date men who carry on the left hand side. I would volunteer but wife has not allowed me to date for 28 years. Petty of her.

First date with a new guy,both shoot the IDPA qualifier. Best score gets to watch the door.


Anonymous said...

I lived in Springfield, MO, for 15 years. Of COURSE I don't sit with my back to the door!