Monday, January 12, 2009


Picture it, Sicily, nineteen forty... oh wait. Wrong story.

Ya'll know that internship I gotta do? The one that I had all lined out, everything but the paperwork done?

They backed out on me. I'm a little screwed right now.

I'm working on finding another place to do it, and the folks I was going to do it with gave me a chance to do some paying work for them, so that's something anyway.

Meanwhile, packing must be done, phone calls must be made, and I'm only going slightly out of my mind. Which could easily be pushed over into totally out of my mind if one more thing goes wrong....

'Scuse the absence of posts for a while folks, real life is calling and I can't afford to let the machine pick up....

Edit: Called in to Marilyn to let her know things went down the toilet. Her response? "Well shit. Start bugging other people, I guess, and keep me updated." "Already bugging other people, waiting on return phone calls." "Well there ya go then. Good luck!"

Yet another reason why I love that woman. She's supremely confident that I'll find someone who wants my skinny ass around for a couple of months playing with their ponies.


Farm.Dad said...

While paying work is just that , ill say here and now " Dont let them screwballs attach your word, name, or credibility to them . IMHO they are running a scam on the " rescue " operation and it will come back to hurt anyone that is associated with them . Fine to do day rides at a set price as long as they are not using YOUR credibility to further themselves .

Jon said...

Not to sound like Pollyanna on Xanax, but there's usually a good reason things don't work out the way you envision.

Good luck and God bless.

GreenRanchingMom said...

What type of horse internship were you looking for?? I must have missed that post.

Holly said...

don't know what kind of internship you are looking for or *where* but you might check out as they have training opps open frequently.