Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Small Towns...

Can turn a flu into an unplanned pregnancy,

An argument into a knock down drag out battle,

"Hi" into "I want you I need you I can't live without you,"

And, a heart attack into an epic shootout, complete with illegitimate children and cheesy one liners.

Gotta love the small town rumor mill... always entertaining.


Jeffro said...

My Dad always complained about the "Widow's Hotline" - where all the town widows were hooked up and "information" passed quicker than the intertubes.

But, he didn't have much to say about the denizens of the coffee shop or the pool hall and how they contributed as well.

Ambulance Driver said...


Farmmom said...

You are SOOOOO bad AD roflmao

Murphy said...

Oof. Guess I'm pregnant, then.

AD, you didn't say, 'Hi' to me, did you...?