Thursday, August 28, 2008


Is a wonderful thing.

When I called to cancel my debit card, the nice lady at the bank checked for any transactions.

Whoever stole all my stuff attempted to use my card at the ATM at a nearby (like, a block and a half away) convenience store. Three times. They did get money off the other card, but we canceled it in time for the bank to not hold us responsible for the charges.

The first and second times were spread out, too, so there's either two chances for the security cameras to have caught the guy (or gal) coming in, or there's a nice long stretch for it to have caught them while they hung around in the store for about three hours.

Hopefully, they got a good picture. Then the nice officers can just go get a warrant and slap the guy in jail. It wasn't that much, money wise, but for me, it's the principle of the matter. I'd very much love five minutes alone with the asshole that did this, but I know that isn't going to happen.

Still... it's a nice fantasy.

Edit: What idiot decided that the convenience store security cameras didn't need to cover the ATM??? We'll find out tomorrow if there were any other charges to either card. It's very confusing, on the one hand I hope there aren't, because that's less money the bank is going to have to get back somehow (yay fraud protection, I'm not liable) and on the other hand, if they just got the cash from the ATM then they didn't use either card anywhere that a security camera could get a good picture of their face, which means it will be that much harder to catch the bastard.

And if one more person tries to sing me happy birthday today, I'm going to kill them. Thanks to this I'm seriously considering becoming one of those women who don't have birthdays.


Farm.Dad said...

Hun i wont do the happy birthday thing . Ill just point our that the crap that was taken is just " stuff " . No one tried entry on your home , No one threatened you at all , rather a kid or two raided an available car . Yea your bad , learn from it because as of right now its pretty much no damage . They got a couple hundred bucks off the " other " account , so what , LPD has a good idea where to go on them and besides its now the banks money not family money . f I hope LPD can effect a recovery of your billfold for the documents therein , however again its just stuff . The xm issue we allready handled and you have a lessor tho capable one as of the time of this post . Its all crap they took , tho ill buy the coffee for the next couple of nights and days for the CM to stay over and " reason " with anyone who might tresspass from you alley into your parking . Hell ill even bond him and have a good attny on line lol .

Farm.Dad said...

Since we dont have an edit function for posters , well as a second thought .... just open the door and i think miss noel will take care of anyone within view .

chris in se tx said...

Sorry to hear about the theft, BUT:


Hey, what can I say.... I've pissed you off in the past and you handled it very gracefully (better than I did), so, I couldn't help myself..... The distance between Colorado and SE Texas helped, too.

Anonymous said...

Hate it for you. As Farm Dad says live and learn. Also, go ahead now and start with to deal with the fact they got away with it. Once you made the report and were resolved of responsibility the card companies became the plaintiff. They seldom pursue these cases due to cost. I know because angel child was home from LA
(Lower alabama) last Thanksgiving and the phone rings asking to speak to her. Card company asks if she has been making charges at store X,Y and Z in the last 30 minutes. DUH, She answered the phone 200 miles away, kinda hard to do, She does all the right things including filing complaint at podunk PD. When she gets back to L.A. goes to big city P.D and they say great, we can get tape from the store X,Y and Z and catch the vernmin. Angel just needs to talk to talk to one of 2 officers assigned to CC fraud in big city of 100K. 6 phone calls later she is told Don't worry, be happy, The cc company is is now the accuser and one of our 2 fraud officers is on Holiday until next year. Someone will be in touch when you need to come testify.
End of story hours spent changing cards, contacting credit bureau's, replacing cards,calling P.D. etc. 120 days later holiday cop finally calls and says thanks for the help but no thanks, the store only keep tapes 90 days so we have no evidence of who was using your card. besides the card companies don't prosecute anyway, cost more tha it is worth. Almost a grand was charged in 2.5 hours. She still doesn't know how they got her number as the card they used was still in her purse.