Tuesday, July 8, 2008


To the finals of the Extreme Mustang Makeover.

I really, really want to go. Two small problems... it's in September, smack in the middle of classes, and it's in Fort Worth, Texas.

So, I sort of doubt I'm gonna be able to go, between the time out of school and the cost to get there, and stay if I were to go for the top ten finals.

I want to go, because I think it's a great thing, they take mustangs from BLM land, and give them to trainers for a hundred days. At the end of the hundred days, they show in Fort Worth, and at the end of the show, they're adopted by auction. The money goes to the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

I also want to go because at the finals, the top ten horses and trainers get to freestyle, and show off any special tricks, skills, or thingymabobbers they may have accomplished.

Last year, the finals included a dude swinging a chainsaw around on the back of his mustang, and a woman shooting balloons from the back of hers.

Stuff like that is just too cool, and I want to see it in person!

CM is accusing me of wanting to adopt a mustang, and I wouldn't be against having a mustang, but not through that program. Last year, one horse that went off pattern and didn't even make the finals was adopted for $50,000. Horse Town USA and the Mustang Heritage Foundation partnered on his adoption, and he became the official mascot of Horse Town USA.

I can't afford that kind of adoption fee!

I do want to go and watch, though. I'll probably spend that week whimpering and whining about not being able to go.



Anonymous said...

What does it cost to just "adopt" one from BLM directly?

Horse Prof said...

That event sounds like fun! I had never heard of it before, but I may just have to go. I'm moving to College Station, Tx (Texas A&M) on Saturday, so I'll be close. Hmmmm....

Horse Prof said...


I believe the average adoption fee is $125.

Farmgirl said...

Yeah, that sounds about right Prof... but that's un-started. I don't have the facilities to take a fully grown horse that's never been touched, anyway.

horse prof said...

I read more about it, and the average horse sold for just over 3K.... that means that half sold for less. Another factor is that there will be 200 horses this year instead of 75(?) the year before. Should help keep the prices down.

I think this was a great idea on behalf of the BLM. Most people who know enough to adopt one from BLM don't have the experience. Most people with the experience don't want a mustang... I think it's a win-win situation for everyone.

The trainers could make a decent chunk of change for the opportunity, too. They cover up to $500 in expenses plus you get 20% of the profit if your horse sells for more than $200.

Either way, I think it would be interesting to see what these people can do with the horses in 100 days. Very cool stuff.

Farmgirl said...

I'm confident that I could train a mustang, but I don't have the facilities. For $200 I could buy a mustang from the local "rescue"... but they've been "training" them and, well, I don't agree with their methods. I'd rather hop in a round pen with a horse that thinks I want to kill it and eat it, than try to fix some of the problems I'm foreseeing from the "training" they're doing.

I have enough "problem" horses as it is.

If I had the facilities, or access to them, I'd definitely apply to do the Makeover myself! I think it would be a blast!

horse prof said...

I wasn't thinking you would want to buy one of these horses, just that it would be fun to watch.

Maybe someday you'll have the facilities to participate; I'm sure it would be fun. My guess is that it will continue for many years.

HollyB said...

Well, I live a v.v. short drive from Foat Wuth [as we say down here]. So one hurdle down, FG. I'll even come pick you up at the airport if you just want to come and watch this year and drive with you to FW ever day for the show. It sounds like fun.
We have a queen-sized bed in the guest room and we'll put your name on it. You just give me a definite time frame.
Should you ever get the facility to actually train a Mustang...we'll work SOMETHIN' out.

Farmgirl said...

Holly- By the time I drive to a decent sized airport, it makes nearly as much sense to just drive the rest of the way. Amarillo is four hours away, so is Denver. Colorado Springs is about three and a half. Those are the closest.

I keep tellin ya'll, I'm in the boonies, for realz.