Friday, June 13, 2008

Dumb Question, Lady.

The customer service craze has gone entirely too far when people stop noticing critical details, in favor of a generic greeting.

For instance, if a young woman walks up to your grocery store check out line looking pale, droopy, wearing baggy clothes and purchasing only the jumbo size Jug-O-Pepto, a cheerful "And how are you today?" Just isn't all that appropriate.

I spent yesterday with one end or the other aimed at the toilet. Today isn't so bad, I've been able to stay out of the bathroom for significant amounts of time and I've even felt brave enough to leave the house a couple of times. To get the Pepto, for instance. I haven't puked at all today, yay me! But I do have a knot in my stomach that is just not fun at all.

Regardless, when I'm feeling like something that got run over in the pasture, I don't want some chirpy cashier making me feel that much worse by being (argh) perky.

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Snigglefrits said...

I think I know the cashier you're talking about! Gotta be the same one that was moronic enough to ask me how I was the day I laid a 48-count box of tampons, huge pack of pads, 2 bottles of Midol and one of those 4x6 Hershey bars on the counter.

"Hon, look at what I'm buying. How do you *think* I am?

Hope you're feeling better soon. :)