Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Kentucky Derby

Every year, I wait impatiently for Derby Day. The most exciting two minutes in sports, surrounded by a day full of pageantry and pomp, a return to old-style southern luxury, and of course, lots of big floppy hats.

Here's the kicker. I don't follow racing. I know the big stables, and all that, but I don't follow it obsessively. Just the Triple Crown, and yes, I was watching when Barbaro broke his leg. I knew something was wrong before the announcer did, and the heart that he displayed by fighting to run anyway made me cry.

I have, however, been to Churchill Downs. I was in awe the entire time. Meanwhile, my ex was bored out of his mind while I gazed avidly around on the backside tour, touched the memorial headstones near the Kentucky Derby Museum reverently, and drug him to the grandstands to watch the day's races.

I didn't care, I was at Churchill.

So, every year I watch the Triple Crown. No mint juleps for me, but I will kick back with a beer or a mixed drink and cheer.

Another odd thing about me... I don't do predictions until they're on their way to the gate. I can research the horses, look at their workout times, do all of the things you're supposed to do to pick the winner.... and I'll be wrong.

But if I watch them head to the gate, and pick a horse then, that horse will at least show, more often than not. It's a talent I have.

So, welcome to Derby Day, grab your hats and some bourbon and settle in, folks, cause it's time for the Sport of Kings.


GeorgeH said...

Another horse destroyed because they race them too young. A three year old is no more ready for maximum stress than the elbow of a junior high school baseball pitcher is. The racing shouldn't start till they are five.

Farmgirl said...

George.. what I saw was that she made it through the race all right, but the jockey wasn't liking the way she was pulling up at the end, and jerked on her head, and she front footed a little... then stumbled, came back up, and then went ass over teakettle.

Unless I missed something where they explained the circumstances better I see stumble= broken "ankle" one, and two happening when she put all her weight on it coming up.