Friday, April 4, 2008


Last night I had three cheese sticks. Along with two Little Debby snack cakes, but the cheese sticks are the important part. I'm not talking those string cheese thingys, I'm talking deep-fried crunchy goodness.

It hurt, but they tasted soooo good.

Today, I mauled my way through six chicken nuggets from Mickey D's, along with half of a medium order of fries (the half that wasn't rock hard.)

It hurt, but once again, it tasted sooo good.

It's bad enough cooking for one normally, but when you're eating small portions it becomes a heck of a lot easier to just buy prepared stuff. And, if I'm in a hurry (which I usually am) and don't have the time to sit down and eat, the best option is usually... you guessed it... junk food. And by junk food I'm referring to things that contain no meat and have a lot of 0's in the nutritional value section. I have a box of blueberry loaf cake from Safeway which is basically slices of blueberry muffin, which is great because I can never eat a whole one of their giganto muffins at a time.

But, progress is being made. I have a little bit of crunch back in my diet, which is a freaking miracle as far as I'm concerned.


Simian said...

Little good. I especially love their fruit pies. I think they taste much better than the Hostess ones.

phlegmfatale said...

How's this for a crunchy, fibrous addition to your diet: yer on me blog roll, baby!

Mmmmm, Little Debby. You could always grind up cheetos and invent the cheeto milkshake. Or not. Frito/beandip puree?

Farmgirl said...

I refuse to puree food. If I were going to break down and eat baby food I'd just go ahead and do it.