Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Since I'm feeling lazy this morning (and am not really sure how to gank the video from LD) I'm going to link over to him here.

Go, watch the vid, then come back here.

Got it? Good. Now I can continue.

Want one, need one, gotta have one! Momma needs a new toy.

Seriously, who wouldn't want a full-auto that folds up and sticks in a back pocket?!?

I think I had a gungasm while I was watching that vid, a small one cause he was in a crowded room and didn't actually shoot it. If he'd shot it I probably would have been licking my screen.


Pappy said...

'girl, you're sick. I like that attitude in a member of the fairer sex.

Murphy said...


That one gave me a chuckle.

FarmGirl said...

Well, Murph, us girls don't get to just... er... stand up and salute... at such things.

So we have our own ways of showing appreciation of fabulous toys.