Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Friendly Note To The Neighbors.

Dear Neighbors:

I understand that you folks have a large family on a single income. I understand completely the pressures of taking care of a family on a limited amount of money. I even understand that kids will be kids and noisy sometimes.

However, it is not that expensive to buy lightbulbs, nor lamps. Lamps in your apartment would allow you to pop your son's cyst in the privacy of your own home. They would negate the need to open your door to see to change the baby's diaper when it is screaming like a banshee.

Also, it is not necessary to turn the rampaging horde of elephant-footed children out into the halls at nine o'clock at night to keep the rest of the building awake.

You see, I get up early. I know you know it because I've seen you glaring out your door on the mornings after your spawn have been thundering up and down the stairs until after midnight, because on those mornings, I don't take any particular care to be quiet when I leave in the morning. When your offspring don't keep me up, I won't wake you up.

Oh, and when you come begging for ten dollars so that you can get medicine for your daughter, having just gotten back from the ER, and I tell you I don't have any cash, don't look at me like I'm a racist just because I'm white and you're not. I could give a crap what color you or your kids are. If I'd had the money I'd have loaned it to you, because I'm a nice person like that. Unfortunately, because of your attitude, you've convinced me that you feel entitled to anything you want, which I see as a serious character flaw and not to be encouraged.

And by the way, the next time one of your kids knocks on my window I'm going to have to smack them upside their little head.

So, to summarize... I don't need to walk out my door to see you popping your son's cysts, hear your baby screaming her head off, or the thundering herd up and down the stairs, or have your children knocking on my window.




Anonymous said...

They were at the ER using it as a primary care facility. You know, standing there and bitching about their runny nose while actual sick people need to be seen. (cue ignoramus) "Medicaid says you gots to see me!" Oops. PC'ness has never been my strong point. ;)

Farmgirl said...


I don't know that the ER is their primary care facility. I don't know that it wasn't an honest emergency, and I won't draw conclusions about that without information.

All I know is the instant I told her I didn't have any cash she turned from worried mother to offended minority.

mustanger said...

The part about using ER for primary care reminds me of my brother-in-law's ex-wife and their *white*gangsta*rap*fan* son. Least little pain that boy has and his mother throws a fit and takes him to ER. If there's pain killers around, least little pain and that boy's takin' 'em... too damn many, too damn often. BIL's usually getting the bill for the ER visits too. IIRC, I don't think that boy's not on Medicaid. I don't know whether his mother is or not. Lately, he hasn't been around and I'm not sure how his homies operate. I still can't figure out how my sister got involved with these people... she's been stuck with their crap too. But to the matter of Medicaid = taking advantage of ER, those who do have long since given all Medicaid recipients a bad name. I don't doubt Sumdood's behind it. And I did read AD's story on that too.