Monday, January 7, 2008

AD's Bribe

Apparently, Jane has enthralled a few others as much as she has me. AD even flat out states that he's hooked, which is a high compliment indeed.

In fact, he offered me a bribe for Chapter Two. He offered to post something new on his regular blog, (which he didn't, naughty naughty!) plus a new Star of Life chapter if I would agree to have Chapter Two up by Wednesday. Now, I've been working on it, and I've got some good stuff, but I'm so excited about reading new Star of Life material that I'm just... well, I can't concentrate to finish it!

Yep, AD. I'm holding Jane and friends hostage against you actually doing what you said you would! So, folks, if you want more of Jane and her oddball talents, you'll have to bug the crap out of AD to get that post up.

Maybe between all of us bugging him, he'll follow through this time. He's been promising that chapter for a long time now, with no explanation for why it didn't get put up, so I figure he deserves this.

At least as much as MattG deserved the snark he got over the first Perspectives.......

Go, my minions! Go and harass the writer! *evil mastermind laugh*

** If this actually works, I'll dance around like a crazy person yelling "I have minions!! Wooot!" On the other hand, if no one else bugs AD, I'll wind up looking like a real tool. So do me a favor folks, I don't want to look like a tool. Plus, you know, my self esteem would be crushed.
No, I have absolutely no problem with pity minions. Whatever works to get that next chapter.


Anonymous said...

I went to AD's site and bugged.... Once again it hasn't showed up..I think you all don't wanna hear from me... I'll just try again if it doesn't show up... but you are a test to see if I can comment on your spot..

Love Ya

Anonymous said...

You must keep in mind that he has a new toy to play with. Give him another month or so; He is kind'a gettin long of tooth.
He'll slip back into comp mode shortly.....
No spurs required.

Farmgirl said...

Anonymous, what new toy would that be? Besides, he tried to bribe me, not the other way around. I'm just poking at him to get him to follow up on his end of the deal he offered :P