Sunday, January 13, 2008

20,000! Woot!

Hit 20,000 visits tonight, Huzzah! So, person from Hookerton, North Carolina, leave me a comment or send me an email claiming your prize! You get to pick a topic for me to write a blog post on!

Seriously, number 10,000 didn't claim their prize, so if you don't, then I'm gonna think that no one really cares what I'm writing about and start posting craziness.

Really. Show some love, dude.


Christina LMT said...

It wasn't me, but congrats nonetheless.

I'll be excited when I hit 5000...and MOST of the hits are me, checking to see if anyone left a comment.
I'm such a comment whore. *sigh*

mustanger said...

Farmgirl, I think most of your regular readers do care what you write about. I think, after we've read for a while, we keep reading because regardless of your subject du jour, it's you.

farmist said...

"...what I'm writing about and start posting craziness."

And this would be different how? :p