Saturday, December 1, 2007

This is Why...

So many of the crazy things that float through my head don't wind up on my blog.

Last night I was laying in bed waiting for sleep, and since the neighbors were being noisy I had left the TV on in the living room for some background noise.

Something on the TV made me think of Futurama and the little critter that poops antimatter. Which made me think of that critter biting off the lobster-doc's claw, whilst lobster-doc whined about how long it would take to regenerate. (It's been a while since I've actually watched Futurama, give me a break.)

Regeneration brought me to MIB one and two, and Jeebs's amazing regrowing head. Especially the line about "Now nothing is going to taste right!"

Which brought me to wonder, what if they'd shot Jeebs in the crotch? "Aw man! It's smaller!"

And then a dog food commercial, one of the ones where they're speaking for the dog, and I wondered what the dogs would actually say if they could speak human?

The old pup at the Homestead would probably say "Get these danged cats off of me so I can nap!"

My pup would probably say "Mommy! OhmommyImissedyousomuchandlookIbroughtyoutheropecanweplaytug? OrhereI'llgettheballandwecanplayfetchbutfirstIwanttositinyourlapisthatfoodohgoodyfood!" She has the attention span of a gnat unless tug, fetch, or food is involved.

If I could just train her to put that attention on something useful, like herding cattle, it would make things a lot easier on the old homestead. Of course, seeing as how she's a pit mix, training her to nip at heels could be bad.... She's only recently learned not to pop her tennis balls, (and I do mean pop them, not gnaw a hole in them) in the front of her mouth, she'd fetch the ball, bring it back, sit down and look at me before popping it and giving it back to me.

Yes, my mind really does jump from thing to thing in ways that make sense only when they're explained. Luckily those who know me have gotten used to me saying "that reminds me" and pulling a subject out of thin air.

So, now you know.


Snigglefrits said...

Farmgirl- I think this is a female phenomenon and sadly it gets worse with age.

I can be heavily involved in a romantic moment with the husbandnal unit and all the sudden it will pop into my mind that tomorrow I need to buy dog food...which reminds me the dog needs a bath...which reminds me I need shampoo...which reminds me I need to go to WalMart...which reminds me of an exboyfriend that used to work there...which totally kills the moment and we go back to watching the 11 o'clock news.

OK Katrina said...

Trust me, you are not alone in this thought process phenomenon. I can be lying in bed not really paying attention to where my thoughts are going when all of a sudden, I startle myself with where my mind has taken me.

Also, pop a tennis ball? Wow!

Farmgirl said...

Ok Katrina- Yeah she's got some jaw strength on her. Anyone who's witnessed her popping a tennis ball, or heard about it, gets really nervous when I play rough with her. I'll push her around and she starts growling and snarling and sounds and looks really mean... she'll grab my hands and arms in her mouth, but if you say "ow" in *any* tone of voice, she stops instantly, and starts licking wherever she was biting before. She's very gentle with people, and her cats.