Sunday, October 21, 2007



I stretched and rolled out of bed, stumbling to the kitchen and my coffee pot.

Ahh, caffeinated goodness.

I groggily sat at my laptop and called up email, my blogger dashboard, and the first of my daily blog checks while I sipped my coffee.

At the end of the long list of things that I check every morning is the weather. That way, I'm coherent enough to decide what the appropriate amount of clothes is for the day. This time of year that can vary greatly from day to day, since the weather will swing from seventy degrees one day, to freaking cold in the afternoon the next.

Well, doesn't that just take the cake.

You see, when I checked the weather this morning, it told me that it would be wet this afternoon. And that it would be cold. And that it would turn to snow this afternoon.

And today, I had two stalls to clean, one to level out and re-bed, and Monkey's things to move back into his old stall, which we had pulled the mats back on to let the swamp underneath dry out.

I had all of that done by nine this morning, and I was the last one at the barn. I also alternately froze my cookies off and dripped with sweat.

Have I mentioned that I hate winter? And the cold?

Three pairs of socks and my toes were still frozen.

Now, to laundry. Whites are in, colors are next. Soon as one load of whites are out of the dryer I'll change into some warm pj's so that I can wash what I'm wearing now, these jeans have seen three days at the barn and they're getting a little icky.

After I finish my clothes here, it's off to the laundromat to wash my comforter. The dryers here are in no way big enough for my nice fluffy comforter, it wouldn't even all fit in there. That's why I love it so much!


Digital Falcon said...

I tried to keep the snow here I promise. I would have gladly had it stay here. Hopefully the comforter will do its job tonight and keep the ice at bay.

Anonymous said...

We could use that snow here... you do know GA and AL are both low on rainfall, don't you. Besides, right now, deer season's on and it's too warm to hunt. The bugs will still be out and the deer'll be roasted before I can drag out.

Good thing you have that comforter though.

You just reminded me of something off of there's a thread going in the hunting forum and half of it has to do with keeping warm. Here's the link...

Anyhow, it seems some guys are preaching against wearing more than one pair of socks while some guys are preaching against wearing thick socks. One guy claims when he was skiing, he didn't wear socks in his ski boots most of the time. Something about thick socks restricting circulation. I don't know about that.