Monday, October 8, 2007


Still working on the adaptation of the accident story, but it's being postponed until I can finish my Lit paper.

Plus, it's proving more difficult to re-write than I had expected. Third person omnipotent is kicking my skinny white butt. I keep lapsing into first person.

And yet, I can't stop beating my head against it. Just goes to show that I may be too stubborn for my own good.


Anonymous said...

Are you looking for total 3rd person omnipotent/omniescient (sp) or can you let a little lapse in here or there?

3rd person isn't all that hard, I don't think..


Farmgirl said...

I'm having issues keeping the character and the narrator separated, since I'm basically rewriting the story where *I* was the main character and the narrator.

That, and getting all of the details in without getting into information overload.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. your lines are blurry, eh? that is a bit of a problem sometimes.. I think the best (and perhaps primary, in my use) is establishing a change of tone, either by using a different emotional timbre or letting the narrator use a different time-stance. Without clearly defining the two, you run the risk of what you've come across, and I'm afraid I haven't done any decent writing in.. god.. at least a year, so I'm unused to finding new solutions to such a predicament. :)