Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Update on the Kitten Situation

I've been watching for signs of the impending arrival of the fuzzy little ones, because there is no way I'm letting Pixel give birth under my bed, which is where she's been hanging out.

The first major sign came today. See, Pixel cat hates having her belly rubbed. Unless she's within a week or two of having kittens. Then she'll roll onto her back and purr her head off when you rub her belly.

She's doing that now. So, starting today, she'll be shut in the bathroom with her kitten box whenever I'm out of the house.

I don't think she's going to go into kitty labor in the next few hours or anything, but this way she'll be used to only having the box with it's nice soft towel to hang out in. Plus, she is a cat, and cats are notorious for surprising you with these things.

When the little fuzzballs come into the world I'll be sure to post pictures for everyone.


Farm.Dad said...

LOL she will get " payback " she will sneak in and have them on your pillow while you are home then .

Mark said...

Surprise huh? Like my cats Tufts who had her first and only litter and was trying to stuff her kittens down my roommates shirt before she would go to eat or the litter box.