Thursday, October 4, 2007

Social life? Holy Crap!

Today at the barn some of the girls were talking about going to the local bar tonight, and one of them was getting all mock offended that no one asked her.

"Don't worry T, they haven't asked me either."

"I know, they're so rude!"

"Hows this, you and I will go and we'll ignore them and be rude right back."

"Sounds good, it's a date!"

So, I have a date with T, and she told me to wear something slutty. I asked her if I would be getting lucky, and this girl had the gall to tell me not on the first date while wearing a t-shirt that reads: Aspen High Altitude Sex Instructor. First Lesson Free.

This ought to be fun, a bunch of the girls from the Ag program are going, and some of the cosmetology girls. At the very least T and I will be able to give everyone shit... she's a smartass too.


Anonymous said...

I see you're making good on moving away from the G-rating.


Farmgirl said...

Well, that, and I cranked that one out in between showering and dinner, around working on some homework, so I wasn't really thinking about curbing the cuss words.

Besides, the shirt was funny.

Anonymous said...

Was that your shirt or her's? In this context, yeah, it was funny.

And the cussin'... that's what I was talking about in the other thread; it's probably already less than I hear out and around at any given time. IOW, it's really mild compared to a lot that gets said.

But I was talking about the whole situation and how you got some inuendo in there. But then, you've done that before... the other T and fast Mexican food comes to mind, but even that was mild since you didn't exactly tell what else was said.

mustanger... again.