Sunday, October 14, 2007

Clearance Sales, How I love Thee (And How I Hate The Cold.)

Tights on clearance at Wally World.

Most of you are now going "Tights? Huh? She's not girly enough to wear tights!"

Allow me to educate you, my friends, and you Manly Men, yes, you, over there shivering like a chihuahua in a room full of Chinese fry cooks, you might want to pay attention to this as well.

Women's pantyhose and tights are not for fashion. Unless you're dumb enough to wear a skirt and nothing else over them, pantyhose and tights are some of the warmest things on earth.

No, really. Worn under jeans, pantyhose will keep you nearly as warm as long johns. Tights will keep you slightly warmer than pantyhose, due to the difference in the fabrics.

Now, if you layer pantyhose, then socks, then long johns, then jeans, well, your legs and feet will be toasty warm when it's chilly out, and your movement won't be restricted any more than it is by just long johns. Double your warmth, same great flexibility.

Tights, again, are even a smidge warmer.

I'm a wimp about the cold. When it hits the fifties, I start layering. I do not like the cold, at all. Ever. Unfortunately I have had some time to learn the methods of keeping one's cookies from freezing off.

And, in the absence of my beloved Carhart coveralls, which just wouldn't work trying to ride, at least not while trying to teach Monkey things, I will use many methods of keeping warm.

Pantyhose/tights (sometimes more than one pair) under long johns, under jeans. A-shirt under thermal shirt, under sweater, under jacket. Layered socks (up to two pairs of anklet socks under thick work socks, inside my insulated boots. Thank you Rockies, for making insulated slip-on cowboy boots.) Now I just have to remember to get my Carhart stocking cap the next time I'm home, and pick up a new pair of insulated work gloves, and I'll be good to go for the really cold times to come.

Don't look at me that way people, nature didn't give me much insulation, so I have to provide it on the outside!

Besides, I can still kick someone's butt in all my layers, if I have to.

Edit: Another thing I've come to love about my synthetic saddle is that it allows the heat from my horse to travel up through the saddle pad and the saddle, so my butt and the insides of my legs are nice and warm. Everyone else is sitting on stiff, cold leather, while my saddle is still flexible, cushioned, and toasty warm.


LawDog said...

It took just one good Panhandle winter to make me a firm believer in the virtues of polypropylene underoos. And Thinsulate.

Holly said...

You are sooo smart. I am a wimp about the cold, too. I left 80 and 90 degree weather last week to go to Mizzou to see Flo. Nearly froze my assets off. It was like jumpin' 6 weeks forward in weather terms. BRR. I know how you feel about layering. I love tights and camis for just that reason.

Farmgirl said...

LD, pantyhose and tights are cheaper. Even if they're not the picture of manly machoness :P

Anonymous said...

Now, in Georgia, it don't get as cold as it does in Colorado. That said, in winter I really like my silk rags... they're real good for keeping the cold wind out of my throat and they're a big part of why I didn't get sick last couple of deer seasons. I got to thinking further and wound up figuring to get some silk longjohns... if I can find them. That way, I also wouldn't have the cold wind cutting through my Wranglers. In my part of the country, just knocking the wind out counts for a lot.

BTW, I have wool socks and flannel shirts too. And the goose down vest in hunter safety orange (reversible to Realtree Hardwoods).


knitalot3 said...

If you can find the "winteralls" tights, they are even warmer and sturdier.

Let me know if they don't have them in your part of the country and you're interested.

Holly said...

Tights are the choice for me as pantyhose wear out to quickly.

On top I do: thermal covered by t-shirt covered by turtleneck covered by hoodie.

On the feet, I've discovered why farmers wear those God-awful knee length rubber boots....they are warm.

didn't know about the slip on cowboy boots....have to look for the insulated ones, thanks!