Monday, October 1, 2007

Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome

Today in business class we did an exercise called "Lost At Sea" which was basically a hypothetical situation. Your yacht (holy crap I have a yacht?) is going down due to a fire. Your best bet is you're a thousand miles out in the Pacific, you have five crew members, their pocket plunder, and these fifteen items. Rank them in importance.

Then get in the assigned groups and rank them as a group. No voting, or averaging allowed, you must persuade your group members.

Now here's what the Merchant Marines say the ranking should be.

Figure the difference between the Merchant Marines' ranking, your individual ranking, and your group ranking. Total the differences in each column.

The closer the numbers are for your individual ranking and the group ranking, the more influence you had, and the more managerial skills you have.

My numbers were identical.

And I still maintain that fifteen feet of rope is of higher importance to survival than a transistor radio! Or a quart of rum.


Bill said...

What were the fifteen items, please?

Farmgirl said...

I can't remember them off the top of my head. When we get our papers back I'll post them and see what people say, just for shits and giggles.

Anonymous said...

Well, the 15' of rope will tie stuff up if you have stuff to tie to/together. You can't do that with the transistor radio or the rum. On the other hand, you can't drink the rope or the radio. And you can't listen to the rope. You might not want to listen to the rum talking either.

Oh, and when you finish your fresh drinking water that's *supposed*to*be* in your lifeboat's survival kit, don't throw away the keg/cask/tank because you might wind up in a situation where you have fresh water and need a way to carry it. It's just like if you're out in the desert, you don't want to discard your empty canteen... you might find a good water hole.


Shay said...

I guess fifteen feet of rope will come in handy when you need to garrote the other survivors so you can keep the rum for yourself?

Joat said...

Quick search:

I put the water 1st then the shaving mirror, but I have no plans of getting myself lost at sea.

Anonymous said...

How long did you have this yacht before you sunk it?

Farmgirl said...

Yes, that's the exercise. But my instructor has the list of items as ranked by the Merchant Marines. I'll post that list when I get my paper back, unless someone can find it :P