Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Smart People!

Just got back from Lit class, where I learned fascinating things about Drama.

Instructor was feeling crappy so she gave us prompts on which section of the chapter on Drama to do, and we grouped up and took a few minutes to get things together, and did presentations.

When the instructor assigned the groups, she pointed us out and gave us numbers, one, two, three, or four. So when it came time to get into our groups and start working, folks were holding fingers in the air and looking around... all of a sudden, as I'm holding three fingers up, I hear "YES!"


Looked around, and saw one of the basketball girls climbing out of her chair and doing a little happy dance "I have a smart person in my group! Yes!"

Look around some more at the smart people in the class, and they're all looking at me....

And now she's pointing... and explaining to the rest of her teammates at her table how much I talk in class and how smart I am... then she holds up three fingers at me and comes running over.

*snicker* Ok yeah, I can see it, thanks, I appreciate it... but did we need the whole song and dance thing? Probably not.

All through when we're preparing our presentation, she keeps talking about how smart I am, because I'm breaking down the aspects of what we have to present into more understandable terms.

At the end of the class, she was talking about how she doesn't always get what the book says, she's gotta read the chapters twice, this that and the other thing... so I gave her my number, told her to call if she needed help. And here's where I think I may have slipped up....

"You can give that to the other girls, too, if they want some help."

"Oh, trust me, you'll be on speaker phone in our dorm room!"

I think I just became the unofficial Lit tutor for the girls basketball team....

Maybe they'll give me... um... free throw lessons?

............ or not.


Anonymous said...

Hooboy... reminds me of Vietnam class. My old political science professor also taught a class on the Vietnam War and I was in it... the class; not the war. Anyhow, day 1, the professor went around the room asking everybody "what do you know about Vietnam?" I was the last one he asked and the first one to mention the rifle known as a little black jam-o-matic. Next thing I knew, I'd been volunteered to lead discussion of the M-16. For some reason though, I also had kids... 10-12 years younger than me anyway... in history class always asking me stuff they thought might be on the test. They wanted to be straight on nicknames of U.S. generals, but they found out... like I told 'em... that wouldn't a test question.

I think those of us who get tagged as "smart people"... we may not really be smarter... just that we know some things the taggers haven't seen yet. Plus, we've already been figuring how stuff applies.


knitalot3 said...

Lucky Ducky YOU!! At least you won't be lonely.

Actually, that was really nice of you.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing free about anything...including throws. Watch your six.

Yeah. I'm a cynic.

FarmGirl said...

Knitalot-- Like I said those girls are busting their butts and their coach is treating them like crap from what I hear (and not just from them) so I don't mind helping out a bit.

Jon-- I'm not gonna do their homework for them, and I'm not gonna hand them answers, but I don't mind giving them a nudge in the right direction at all.
My six is fine, except for being a bit abused because the bay was being a twit in class today... he still did better than he has been so its all good.

Dan O. said...

Hey, that should at least be worth a pizza on Friday night once in awhile.

Just don't let 'em walk all over & take advantage of your kindness. Not that I think you would. ;)

HollyB said...

That was sooo sweet of you! If they get all the extra grub like the Male jocks do...hmm, I'm thinkin' you just reduced you food budget.

Drew said...

Just be careful about gently tutoring folks. There's always somebody else that heard you were the smart person and could help them out. They'll want to study with you and borrow your notes constantly.
But you are probably smart enough to be aware of that. The best defense I've found for the "hey, we should study together" is "well, you go ahead and try to schedule it." It quickly weeds out the ones who think you'll be able to get them caught up on the class in an hour.