Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An Honor... And Probably A Train Wreck

I've been invited to do an interview on Blog Talk Radio. I don't have a date yet, because I want to get the combination allergies/sinus infection under control before I go putting my already bad voice out there. Possibly next week or the week after.

Don't really want to sound like a congested toad, ya know? I'm already nervous about the interview, I've never been interviewed before, no need to add a messed up voice to the mix.

But, many thanks to Mark for asking me, and I hope that I can make a good interview subject!

I promise to post as soon as a final date is settled upon, so that ya'll can listen, call in and make a fool of me, or run as fast as you can in the other direction (I recommend that last one, myself :P )

1 comment:

Farm.Dad said...

Fear the farmdad on callins LOL . and congrats on having a blog of interest for them