Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy....

I am in SUCH a good mood right now! Just got done out at the barn, I don't have feed crew tonight, and best of all... Bubbah (that's what I've decided the bay's name is) was FABULOUS today.

Almost like a real horse!

He fought me on the stops at the fence at a trot for quite a while, but once he figured out what I wanted, and that I wasn't going to let him get away with turning down the fence, and that I wasn't asking him to run into the fence no matter that I kept driving him until a stride or two before the fence, he did pretty good.

And then we did it at a slow lope... and he was danged near perfect!

I don't care if he was behaving because he knew if he misbehaved I'd haul him down into a trot and make him stay there, I don't care if he was behaving because the good horse fairy whispered in his ear. I don't care if he was behaving because the Martians were landing and sending out their telepathic equine mind control rays.

It doesn't matter. He was behaving. He got neck hugs and rubs and pets and good boys and scratches right up by the poll band on his bridle (that's the piece that goes right behind his ears... always itches him) and he got grain when he went back to his stall.

He also stood still, by the other horses no less, without trying too hard to shove them over or run away... I could drop my reins and shift around in the saddle and wiggle on his back and he just sighed at me.

So we went out on the trails. We've only been out on the trails once before this, and that was such a disaster I wanted him behaving better before we tried a repeat. We had a couple of moments, but he was generally very good.

I'm so proud I could bust. Bubbah boy is finally getting it, and working with me instead of against me. If this keeps up, we can start working on the harder stuff, sidepasses and gates and sliding stops and rollbacks when I ask for them.

People are starting to get a little jealous. At first they were all thinking (and saying to each other) "He's so pretty, but there's no way I'd ride him."

Now they're thinking, and saying "He's so pretty... and he's getting better....."

One actually said that to me, with a wistful look on her face.

No. You are not riding my horse. You called him a psycho a week ago. Well, my psycho horse and I are just fine, thank you very much, you just go ride your nag around in circles, and see if you can't get him over the world's slowest trot.

If you'll excuse me, my horse and I have some beautiful loping to do.....


Fyremandoug said...

So how many hands tall is Bubba
(Thats my Mule's nickname BTW) lol

Farmmom said...

I'm so glad he's starting to come around. I was beginning to wonder.

Farmgirl said...

Aw Farmmom, I just had to be more stubborn than the horse, and you know I'm more than capable of that.