Saturday, August 18, 2007


I've gotten a couple of questions about why I haven't posted a picture here. Part of it is for privacy reasons. But a big chunk of it is simply that I absolutely hate about 96-98% of pictures of myself.

Weird thing though? I like playing around with the self-timer on my digital camera. So, since I got one today out of sheer boredom that wasn't too bad, kinda showed my personality a little, and still pretty much protected my sooper secret identity... *snicker*.... (Hey, if I can't laugh at myself, then who can I laugh at?) I thought I'd go ahead a share with ya'll.

Let the twig jokes begin!

Have I mentioned that I'm a big fan of pajama pants and "wifebeaters" or "a-shirts" for at-home comfort?

No? Well, now you know.

P.S. Part of the reason this picture is so good at hiding the sooper secret Farmgirl identity is that you will almost never catch me with my hair down, especially outside. Ponytail or cheater bun (pull the hair up in a pony tail and then use the last wrap of the elastic band to create a "bun") is pretty much the order of the... well... always.


Anonymous said...

"Let the twig jokes begin!"

Sorry, I don't know any twig jokes.


Anonymous said...

Hm. Certainly seem cute. I shall therefore use that as my assumption until proven otherwise (as unlikely as that may be.)

Anonymous said...

I should clarify: by "unlikely" I meant "it is unlikely I will be proven wrong." There. I've covered myself.

Mark said...

What's wrong with A shirts? that's all I usually wear, unless I get strong armed into ushering and reading a lesson at my brothers wedding is where my pic is from. most of my pics I either have on an old work shirt or an A shirt. Some of my most comfortable clothes

Anonymous said...

The internet is a place for everyone you don't want to meet to lurk. The less you give them for finding you, the better you are.

Sorry if I sound like a nanny, but in my 51 years of experience, anonymity is the most wonderful freedom their is.

Dan O. said...

Girl, eat a sandwich! ;)

The picture from my Blogger profile is 25 years old and I'm standing in front of a surface to surface "Harpoon" missile launcher onboard a U.S. Navy Guided Missile Destroyer.

My blogger name and home town pretty much ID's me for anyone who may run across my blog that already knows me.

Otherwise, I've never been able to locate my address and phone number on the 'net. At least through any of the free search sites.

I'm sure if somebody really wanted to find me, my picture would be the least of my problem. Or their's. Warning: there are firearms on premises.

I guess I don't need as complete anonymity as some might. I certainly don't say anything on my blog or comment on anyone else's that I haven't or wouldn't say in person.

But, I understand and respect your right to privacy. Just keep posting. I do enjoy your writing.

Murphy said...

Sean, quit while you're still ahead.

FG, I'm loving those pants.

The pattern, not what's in them...not that there's anything wrong with-


(going to sit in the corner with Sean)

FarmGirl said...

Murphy, Sean, you're both off the hook, relax.

Murphy- I have a black tank top that goes with those... the trim matches the pants and there's a little devil monkey with purple horns and tail and a pitchfork on the front of it.

FarmGirl said...

Oh, and the pants? They're fuzzy.