Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lit Class

So, had my first lit class today. As I expected we were asked to write something, with a few prompts.

One of the prompts was "what is the last non-fiction work you read? Expand."

Since the prompt was worded "work" and not "book"or "essay" I had to put AD for that one. So, AD, you're going to be gaining fame in my Lit class, I'm sure.

The last part of the prompts (we were supposed to write on all of them) was "What do you expect from this class? (Including grade?)"

My answer?

"I expect to get the grade I earn, so hopefully high. I also expect to learn new and interesting ways to prove that I'm a book geek."

On a side note.. It has been too long since I've written out anything of any length. For one thing, my handwriting has always sucked, and with the spiffyness of keyboards and printers, I haven't had to hand write anything in a while.

Man, I hope she keeps the in-class responses short, or I'm gonna have permanent writer's cramp!


Ambulance Driver said...

Awww, thanks!

Of course, you could buy my book and that way you'd have all your bases covered. ;)

farmgirl said...

AD, if I had it to spare right now, I would. Let's see how the finances look when I get my loan disbursement.