Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gigantic Housefly

There is a ginormous housefly in my apartment. I'm not entirely sure how he got in, but he's been here for several days and has evaded my attempts to either squish him, or shoo him out the door.

Maybe I should just name him Skippy.

He seems to be learning, we had a discussion about my laptop screen and how, if you land on it, I am going to do my best to smush you, and he hasn't landed on it again. Same with the tv.

He has, however, developed the habit of attempting to dive bomb behind my glasses and into my eyeballs, or buzzing my ears.

This fly, no joke, is probably the size of a horse fly. When it comes diving towards your face it looks as big as a buzzard, and it sounds a small prop-plane going by your ear.

I think Skippy just likes to see me jump.


Farmmom said...

Hey, I thought the manager said no pets!

farmgirl said...

So did I, but Skippy doesn't seem to have read the lease... I doubt I could keep him in a cage anyway...

Anonymous said...

The manager didn't say you couldn't keep a shotgun, did he? I bet you didn't know wingshooting is an indoor sport too. hehehe


Pop said...

Hi, Farmgirl;
This is totally off-topic, but having read your blog I am aware that you have a CHL, as do I. Now that you're starting school, I was wondering what you're thoughts are on gun-free zones at schools, etc. in the light of Virginia Tech, and how you will handle that at your school. My own blog on the subject is here:
I do enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!