Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A few things...

First off... YAY! First day of college is done, don't gotta worry about it no more.

Second off, I just had the shortest class in history, I think. It was one of the "lab" classes I'm taking, which is actually a "barn" class. Elementary Western Equitation. We got there, bsed with the instructor for a while, she took attendance, asked who had horses here already that wanted to ride this afternoon, and dismissed the rest of us. Total time from the "official" start of class to dismissal? Fifteen minutes.

Tomorrow we may be helping put together stalls and pens, though, so I think I'll run to Big R before the HTM/EBM mixer at the park, and get a new pair of gloves. Metal + 100* or more temps + bare hands = not fun.

And we can't wear tank tops at the barn, either.

Third off, I think I like the "surprise" EBM instructor. She's got a sense of humor and seems fairly relaxed about teaching a wide range of students all in the same class.

I'm collecting syllabuses (syllabi?) like mad, though. Gotta get some folders.

Oh, and this is not the "nice blog entry" that I was pondering, this is just thinking in type, so to speak. Still working on that other one.

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