Monday, August 27, 2007


Red done went and got hisself expelled.

Had some of the HTM students test riding the EBM horses today. Red's turn came up, and he let them saddle him, played nice nice... till the kid swung a leg over the saddle.

Then he started stripping the boy. No really.

Little shit started bucking as soon as the kid's butt hit the saddle.

Hat went... belt buckle went.... shirt came untucked and unbuttoned, hooked on the horn and ripped. The belt buckle was found lying in the dirt of the arena....

I owe that kid either a new shirt or a twelve pack, his choice.

And Red? He's going home. The instructor sat there staring, slack jawed, for a minute, then looked at me and said "I can't put any of these kids on him!"

Once I stopped laughing at the little sucker's sneak attack, I agreed with her. So, Red will be going home tomorrow evening at the latest, and I get to ride the attitude out of him all by my lonesome, when I have time.

*Hangs head* I swear, he's never been that bad with me!

(Author's note: If the horse had to strip down one of the kids doing the test riding... at least he picked a good one.)


jon said...

A good horse is always a good instructor. Sometimes, people don't quite know what the horse is trying to teach. Mostly, the horse wants you to know they're really in charge and you have to earn their respect before you can ride.

Lesson one: don't climb on any horse unless you are bound and determined to hang on no matter what. If you can't, don't try to get on the horse.

Lesson two: see lesson one.

Anonymous said...

It could also be the horse was saying he didn't want anyone but you riding him. Or maybe he was asking if that kid really wanted to be there (see jon's "lesson one" read a little different).

Seems the best bronk rides and buck-offs aren't the ones you paid to see.


jon said...

Worst bucking I ever enjoyed was in the middle of a gravel road late one evening. My horse, being patient and allowing me to pony a young mare all afternoon, decided he'd had enough when a fast car decided to spook him into full rodeo mode. We parted quickly, I experienced short term freefall, and he ran home and waited for me at the gate.

I climbed back on after I penned the mare and we became friends once again, although I never really ever let my guard down with him again.

He was a great teacher and I was a wary student.

farmgirl said...

Yeah but with the levels of horsemanship we're dealing with, we just can't take the chance that Red will seriously hurt someone. So, he's going home, because I can't ride both of them.

Now I just gotta figure out how to get him there...

jon said...

I used to go to an auction every Saturday night. There were everything from washed up race horses to registered breeds with the best of papers.

One of the employees daughter, who was a young tiny thing, would show off the horses in the ring if asked. The auctioneer would say: "Look how gentle that horse is. Even a kid can ride it." I'd laugh to myself. The young lady could ride the rankest of horses and was a natural at her skill.