Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Getting settled in, getting things organized, re-arranged, and stirred to my satisfaction.

One thing to mar the joy of the new apartment... I need a vacuum. Its something that I didn't pick up before hand, and I was trying to avoid it until I got a job, but I didn't count on having this much styrofoam about.

I got new lamps, and a new kitchen island thing to put the microwave on. The result? My living room carpet is covered in tiny pieces of styrofoam. Looks really bad. So, either I'll get motivated and stay frugal and pick them all up by hand or I'll get lazy and go buy a vacuum. Probably the first one, I can ask for a vacuum for my birthday, its coming up soon anyway.

Other than that, things are going good.

Oh, and Farmdad insisted that I post a correction.

He says I'm not stealing internet, I'm borrowing bandwidth.

I think I'm stealing internet, but hey....

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Anonymous said...

Nahh.. You are " Borrowing Bandwidth" and as much bandwidth as i have " loaned " over the years running an unsecured wireless on Hwy 287 i think we can borrow a bit for a few days lol .