Thursday, July 26, 2007

Work From Home!

Make a Million Dollars in two point three seconds!

Buy a new house outright with a week's wages!

Grow wings and fly to the moon for your very own green cheese!

Seriously... how do people fall for some of these things?

Its bad enough that companies who are honestly looking for someone to do simple data entry, or whatever, have to compete with all of these scams, but scams that are so obviously bull hockey just blow me away.

Some sites claim you can make money in fifteen minutes after reading their patented and password protected program.

Some sites say that the whole secret is one sentence... available right after you pay them fifty dollars and hand over a large portion of personal information.

My bet is that that one sentence is "Make a work from home scam site!"

The only thing I've found thats legitimate is a site that puts together people looking for freelancers to do all kinds of things from ghost writing books, to writing articles, to proofreading and editing, and people willing to do those services. Twenty two dollars, quarterly, for the right to bid on a project, and hope that the person chooses you.

Its depressing, when you're looking for something of the sort, to run into all of the scams.

Its even more depressing to think that people are fooled by the crappy websites, high-flying claims, and faked credentials.

Half the "people" that make these websites... don't exist. Or at least, they don't exist in a way that would leave tracks on the web, except for their make money now sites.

Looks like I may be waitressing nights, or something of the sort.


Girish G. K. said...

Chanced by your blog, thought id drop in a note. I feel ur pain to find a decent side job that wont kill ur academics. I hope u find it soon enough.
Have a nice day
peace be

Mark said...

Ok, I DID the stuffing envelope thing and I made some decent money. would I recommend it to you. Not just No, but HE** NO! If it wasn't for the fact I had bills to pay and kids to feed, and my hours were getting cut at work I never would have done it. As it is I'd get off from work and stuff envelopes from 9 pm until 3 sometimes 4 in the morning, the rush jobs were the worst. But if you are interested in learning how to get the hookup on it, drop me a line, and I'll tell you, no charge, no deposit, free.