Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Say WHAT?!?

Human Greed takes Lion's Share of Solar Energy

This is just insane. Its what Law Dog might call rabid Moonbatism.

Apparently, humans are taking up twenty four percent of the available energy produced by plants. Yes, the title of the article is about solar energy, and the subject of the study is about plant energy. Granted, the one fuels the other, but come on.

Oh, and the biggest majority of that so called "greed" is harvesting crops.

Um. I planted the dag blasted crop, I'll do whatever I danged well please with it, thank you very much.

The study basically says that we take up too much of the plant life on the planet, which in some instances might be true. I'm all for replanting trees, and such, but it can be taken too far.

"Here we are, just one species on the earth, and we're grabbing a quarter of the renewable resources … we're probably being a bit greedy."

....................... Re. New. Uh. Bul.

That means... they grow back! Surprise, plants grow, get eaten by LOTS of things, or die at the first frost, and then... miracle of miracles... they grow back!

Apparently in addition to not eating meat (which is a whole other rant) we're not supposed to grow crops and eat them either.

Thats it folks, lets have a world-wide fast. Everyone who believes this bunk, stop eating all together. And don't drink coffee, or tea, either, they're plant products. And don't drink water because as you know its a water conservation century. Ya'll just go sit in your corner, don't eat or drink, and I'm sure that our worldwide consumption of plant energy will decrease.

The study also doesn't take into account situations like here in the US, especially here in Colorado, in which wild herbivore populations have exploded since large scale farming operations have been here. When this area was settled, deer and antelope were few and far between, but since they have a steady, reliable food source, and hunting is controlled (and also paid for in the form of licenses, thus funding programs through the Fish and Game organizations to help the critters that NEED it) the populations have expanded to suit the food supply.

Not to mention... apex species. Even though sometimes I wonder about whether the human race actually is the "best" species out there, we are an apex species, ecologically speaking.

*sigh* We can't stop here. This is bat country.


Dixie Amazon said...

Now they want us to feel guilty for using renewable resoucres too?

Georeg said...

From the little you were able to post, it sounds very much like bad science chasing an irrelevant headline.

If the renewable resources included all farm-based crops, I guess that's the point, isn't it? We plant, grow and harvest. Next cycle, we do it all over again.

If the renewable resources refers only to 'natural' items, that might be of some concern ... but they're renewable!

The whole thing sounds very much like a tempest in a teapot, don't you think?


Chris in SE TX said...

Oh yeah!!! We are supposed to feel bad about using renewable resources!!! I've read some articles on (British) about how it is horrible for say, Americans to waste so much water taking showers while IN AFRICA, water is very precious and many people don't have clean water to drink!!!!


Like we're supposed take that water saved by not showering and send it to Africa??????


I guess some people take the saying "don't waste food on your plate, there are starving children in Africa" A LITTLE TOO SERIOUSLY!!!!

Either that, or Europeans are looking for a good excuse for stinking, er... I meant "not showering"

We should feel very guilty for evolving. Very selfish of us. We also (very selfishly) control access to various technologies. Did you know very few koala bears have access to computers? ... and dophins do not have boats! We use boats for our selfish pleasure, while poor dolphins have to do without!

I will now accept donations of 30 ft + sailboats that I will attempt to deliver to needy dolphins for their use.

You can't fix stupid.....

Anonymous said...

"Apex species".. quite an interesting quote-concept.

Now, it may be my liberal use of the plant particulate involved in the creation of beer (nevermind yeast.. they say it's a microbe, making it along more animal lines than plant, though there are times I wonder.. but I digress) but the connotations to the idea of "Apex species" taste a little wrong in my mouth.

Who are we to judge who or what rides the apex? is it pride, ego/id, that sparks us to this role? Simply because we can self-concieve (mentally, I mean) in such numbers that it's irrefutable? I'm not entirely sure that our basis for such a belief is so well founded that it can't be refuted..

And its people who exhibit intelligence on par with the said plant life that just backs up an arguement like mine. /rant. :)

Chris in SE TX said...

I would imagine an Apex Species is the species which evolves to dominate all other species.

Like it or not, we can kill anything out there. We do not have a natural predator to be scared off. We can adopt to our environment, or we can adapt our environment to us. We can make any species practically extinct. We could, if we chose to, destroy the world.

Let's see a lion or an elephant do that.

Kate said...

We *do* have a predator that can do us's just that She's quite specific in the areas She chooses to do so in. I'm referring to Ma Nature, of course. We may be pretty smart with our technology and ability to forecast and avoid a lot of things, but one of these days we'll be hit with something massive, like Yellowstone doing a giant exploding. That should take care of a certain amount of humankind.

Chris in Missouri Ozarks said...

Love your blog. Thx to Lawdog. Gives me new and much-needed perspective on your job.

Was traveling over the 4th (2nd actually) and came on construction site. the flag girl had just taken station and sign said "stop." I did. I could see the other end of the the zone with two cars starting my way about 500yds over a hill. Suddenly she turned her sign to "caution." I did a double take, realized the two cars I'd seen were almost out of the zone, so shrugged and started forward slowly. The look of horror on her face was unforgettable as she looked at her sign and quickly turned it back to "caution." She'd just moved it from one side of the stand to the other and had unintentionally turned it around. No real danger as I'd been keeping track of what was leaving the other end but she didn't know that.

Y'all stay safe out there and drink plenty of fluids.

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Ofoura said...

I took one of those hippie college classes on farming and sustainability and all of that. The interesting thing we kept running across in various presentations and research documents is that America is "just right". What I mean is that we have about the right ratio of people, to the resources we have available. What we can't necessarily do it keep feeding the world, especially the areas with extensively dense population. Too many people tends to ruin most things anyways..