Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I still don't like cities...

You know, a city is a nice place to visit, what with all the shopping and restaurants and such right there. It could spoil someone used to driving forty five minutes (longer, with the road construction) to get to Wal-Mart and Micky D's.

If it weren't for the people.

I swear, I don't know what happens to city people that's different from small town people, but jeez those folks have bad attitudes.

If city people were half as polite as small town people, I'd probably live closer to a city. Not in it, of course, I like my elbow room, but closer.

The Springs was fun, we had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack, then spent an hour and a half searching for a club that no longer exists, then gave up and hit a pool hall for a while before finding a liquor store and heading back to the hotel.

Did you know that Go Fish makes a heck of a drinking game?

I bought a new top while we were up there, after being mistaken for an Old Navy employee. Now, I don't consider myself to be a trend setter or very fashion conscious at all, but I like to think I have my own unique style, aside from "work clothes."

Being mistaken for a fashion drone pushed my buttons, so I went to Hot Topic and bought a pink plaid corset top.

I got looks almost as weird at Hot Topic flipping through what I like to think of as the "hussy" clothes in the outfit that got me mistaken for fashion drone status as I did when I wore the new top out to the pool hall.

I also got a random comment as we walked by a group in the pool hall, from a girl.... "Damn, girl, you need to eat some beans, or somethin."

The guy she was sitting by said "No she don't, she needs to give me her number!"

From the sound I heard, he got smacked.

But I felt better.....


Anonymous said...

*dies laughing*

Pink plaid corset top? *Raises eyebrow* Tis one to be seen to be believed, IMHO. Though the thought of one boy being slapped after the comment was quite the amusement.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm originally from Stone Mountain, GA which is a suburb of Atlanta. I still have cousins there although several are scattered across the country. That area is packed. I've lived around Chattanooga; it's packed too. I've noticed the same thing about bad attitudes plenty of times. I think being jammed together does that to people. Where I am now, it's a 45minute drive to WalMart, but there's a MickeyD's ten minutes away. Now, for the bad news, this McDonalds, after breakfast time, is pretty bad. So more good news is we have Wendy's, Burger King, Waffle House, and a real good Mexican restraunt where my parents and I eat often and see a lot of familiar faces among the clientele. More bad news though is Atlanta, as well as South Florida, is spilling over into my area into the mountains and the bad attitudes are coming in in increasing numbers. Now, I'm going on 33 years old, and I remember when this town had one caution light at the three-way stop. Now, we have four or five red lights with a couple more outside town. While I'm still in the habit of holding doors open, and a good many still say "thank you", I've had a good many not even touch the door as they passed through. Those are usually the grungie hippity-hoppity punks in the baggy pants. Do you ever feel like letting the door go and hit 'em in the butt as it swings shut? I've had that feeling. But I usually wait and see if they're going to react politely- I've seen 'em surprise me too- and by the time I know, it's too late. It goes a lot further, but I'll quit any real griping right there.

That said, I still like living outside town too with plenty of room. Where I am now, I can keep a horse without too much hassle. During deer season, I can pick up my old Winchester and walk right out my back door about 200-300yds and lean on a tree any time I want and know the deer will be by pretty much any time. And nobody even wants to tell me I shouldn't... not that I'd listen if they did.

I mentioned riding 45minutes to WalMart... the likker store's close by just this side of WalMart. We're still working on getting beer and likker in here even though it's not a dry county like some church groups want us to think it is.

We don't have Old Navy and such as that in my county either; have to ride two hours south into Atlanta to go there. I have a sister living in Bartow County and she wears that stuff. I remember when we were kids, we wore flannel shirts in the fall and winter. Until she went to the 7th grade in Chattanooga and they acted like she was so wierd for dressing like that. Now she won't go near a western wear/feed store. And while not everyone dresses like me- Wranglers, boots, Stetson- they don't tend to look at me sideways for that here. That's another thing I like about this area.

Thinking of Atlanta though, the only times I go down there any more are weddings and funerals. The area's just way too crowded for me to enjoy. On the other hand, one of my cousins down there told me she doesn't feel she could live "out here" where I live. I guess it's all in what you're used to.


farmgirl said...

Josh... Its true. I bought it, and I wore it out in public. So shush.

Mustanger... I have to drive a minimum of three hours to get to a mall that doesn't have "mini" in front of it. Unfortunately, its the same distance for a decent book store... I tend to splurge when I get that far anyway.