Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Blog

Well, I find myself spreading my meager blogging habits from LiveJournal over here to Blogger, with a new name and a whole new audience, who will no doubt discover me eventually, and perhaps find some entertainment in my own brand of ranting. I've decided to keep my LiveJournal for a keeping up with friends type thing, so this one will mostly be stories, rants about things that annoy me at the moment, and mentions of others' blogs.

A little about me, I suppose. I live in BFE Colorado, way down in the southeastern corner. Nearly as far as you can get without a stiff wind shoving you over into Kansas or the Oklahoma Panhandle. Its a farming and ranching community, and I help out on the family farm and ranch, thus the title of the blog and my spiffy new name over here. Most of the things I think up come to me while I have my posterior firmly planted in a deteriorating John Deere seat, tracking my way back and forth across a remote field. Unfortunately I rarely remember them in the pattern of the daily shut down, which actually tweaks my tail occasionally. Oh, wait, supposed to be info... Ok, well, I've been hanging around the little spinny green ball for about 22 years, standard childhood, I suppose. A few interesting things have happened to me over the years, and I'll probably share them at some point.

I also work road construction, three or so days a week. You know that little bastard standing around with a stop sign on a stick, interrupting your day, making you late, and generally just annoying the crap out of you because you're impatient and they're standing there looking BORED? Thats me. Trust me, folks, ya'll don't make our day all sunshine and light, either. More on that in another post.

You'll learn more about me as this thing goes along, and bog only knows how often I'll post here, but at least its no longer an empty blog, just sitting here looking all forlorn and lonely.

- farmgirl


HollyB said...

If your first two LawDog and SideSaddle Heifer Ridin' are any example of the quality of what we can expect, I imagine your readership will grow rapidly.
After you post a few more times, and I'll be back, I'll probably link you. If that's ok.
Oh, and BLESS YOU for not havin' that yucky word verification thing. I hate that monster!

farmgirl said...

Link away! This blog is actually a bit of an experiment in how entertaining my writing actually is. I'm working on a couple more now, but I don't have them polished to my satisfaction yet.

At least one of them will be a road construction story, and those are more entertaining than the farm ones, IMHO, so stay tuned!

P.S. I totally agree on the word verification thing! Pain in the patoot!

Josh said...

Experimentation ever breeds new thoughts and methods... as well as a fair share of screwups.

Seems like this one isn't of the latter. ;)

"farmgirl".. heh.. does that mean I'm not FarmBoy over here? :P

farmgirl said...

If you want to be, but you could also be Joshy-Poo if you like :P